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1991 – Bedrooms

Sailors Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY
New York Harbor, 1995, 72" x 36", lace, acrylic and canvas.
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Approach to New York, 48" x 46", Lace, Acrylic and Navigational Chart.
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January 27-March 24, 1991
Curated by John Perreault

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY. “Bedrooms” is an exhibition that consists of site-specific installations by seven very different artists. The installations are site-specific insofar as they are made for particular bedrooms at Snug Harbor. Snug Harbor Cultural Center, of course, was originally Sailor’s Snug Harbor, opened in 1833 as an asylum for “aged, decrepit and worn-out sailors.” At its peak around the turn of the century the architecturally resplendent complex harbored almost a thousand retired sailors and merchant seamen.