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Public Art

My artwork aims to integrate a feeling of domestic handiwork into the built environment. Doilies were invented by industrious women to hide and protect worn and frayed furnishings (maybe feelings too). Through the variety of materials that they can be made from, the ways in which they can be displayed, and their references to a variety of subjects. I want to enliven space by taking something intimate and domestic and placing it outdoors. Handicraft demonstrates a familiarity with domestic materials that ties us with our fragile environment and revives traditions that when integrated with art and architecture reflect our hopes and dreams.

It’s really important for me to create the feeling of handicraft in the city, My goal is to make visible local history by providing symbols of comfort and community.  What could be better?”

On August 11, 2015, Cecere’s national competition winning sculpture, Chandelier, was permanently installed in the new Little Italy–University Circle Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. The station is located at the junction of two dynamic neighborhoods: Little Italy, one of Cleveland’s most old-world neighborhoods, which remains traditionally Italian; and University Circle, which is home to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Institute of Art, MOCA Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals of Cleveland. Designed by Cleveland-based City Architecture, the station is surrounded by historic structures, newer buildings, and public spaces designed by firms that include Farshid Moussavi Architecture, James Corner Field Operations, Frank Gehry, CannonDesign, Phillip Johnson, César Pelli, and CMG Landscape Architecture, among others.

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