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In 1979-80, I made my first installation “In My Room” at Moma/PS1, in one of the old class rooms on the second floor of the former school.

In contrast to the minimal fashion of the day, I made sculptures with thickened paint and lace resembling furniture arranged to suggest a traditional domestic interior. “In My Room” was the first of many room installations highlights include Bedrooms, curated by John Perrault, 1991.

“Jennifer Cecere has transformed one of the forbidding classrooms into a gaudy intimate place she names “In My Room.” No sternly minimal intellectual pretensions there. Just too much texture, color, humor, and a surfeit of marzipan genutlichkeit. The rug is a pink square painted on the floor, the overstuffed sofa is covered in an orgy of sequins and buttons and beads, and plastic squiggles seemingly laid on with a cake decorator. Ditto the curtains, and the tablecloths and the wall hangings and even the antimacassars everywhere.” – Amei Wallach, Everyone Wants to get into P.S.1., Newsday, 1980.